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Help from Home:

There are some little things you can do right from home to help us out! 

You can provide valuable support in generating long term support for Curamericas by helping us build our network and by providing social validation for the organization and our programs abroad. Please complete the following:

Write reviews on the sites below. These can be about your impressions of the organization and its programs, or about your experience as a volunteer/intern with us. Feel free to use the same review on each site.

    1. Write a recommendation for us on Google – Search “Curamericas global” and then click the “write a review” in the right hand box
    2. Write a recommendation for us on Facebook
    3. Write a recommendation for us on https://greatnonprofits.org/org/curamericas-global
    4. Like our Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter pages (and invite your friends and family)
    5. Lower priority – Watch our recent YouTube videos on our channel. Please like the video or write a comment for each one that you watch.


Donate to our ongoing efforts today or get your friends and family involved by creating a Mom-A-Thon team! Mom-A-Thon is our virtual race to save lives – no actual running involved! Learn more here


Curamericas Global provides many ways for people to contribute to our lifesaving work by volunteering at the office in Raleigh, NC. While many of these activities are on hold due to COVID-19, we look forward to joining together again to volunteer in person! Check out some of the ways you can involved below and contact [email protected] for more information.

 Serve with us at the Guatemalan Consulate

Sign-up here.

Volunteering in Raleigh at the Guatemalan Consulate

This project has grown tremendously since it began in June 2018. We now provide health screenings, health education and health care resource information to more than 40 people each month, and we expect the project to continue to grow. Many of the people we see have not seen a health care provider in years, and some are seeing a provider for the first time in their lives. Our goal is to screen, educate and link our clients to resources.

Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

Join us for a Letter Packing Party

All of our letters and holiday cards are packaged and mailed by staff and volunteers. Join us for a Letter Packing Party at our office in Raleigh, and hang out with Curamericas’ staff and others who are interested in doing good for moms and kids abroad. We will let you know when this opportunity is available again.

Help out at our HQ

Do you enjoy working in an office environment, have a few hours to spare each week, and want to commit to an organization for an extended amount of time? Administrative Volunteers work short shifts at Curamericas Office to assist with tasks such as answering the phone, writing thank you cards to supporters, typing and data entry, organizing and filing, and connecting Curamericas with like-minded individuals and businesses in the Triangle. We will let you know when this opportunity is available again.

Graphic Design 

Do you have skills in design and want to give back? Volunteer at Curamericas’ office or remotely to produce print-ready pieces that touch the hearts and minds of Curamericas’ supporters. Projects include the Holiday Card, Event Fliers, Grassroots Newsletter and more!

BELOW ITEMS ARE BEING UPDATED. Contact [email protected] if interested or if you have questions.

Here is the  Volunteer Orientation Packet.

Fill out this quick survey to get an idea of your interests and skills. From the survey, we will recommend one of the following options.

  1. Thank you Cards
  2. Thank you phone calls
  3. Organize a dinner/friend-raiser, attended by Curamericas Executive Director
  4. Engage with us on Social Media. This is really helpful!
  5. Write a guest blog post
  6. Research

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