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Everyone can make a difference through Curamericas Global! A donation of time, goods, or funds helps to save women and children that would otherwise die from preventable causes. Make a difference in the lives of mothers and children around the world by making a donation, joining us on social media, volunteering or setting up your own personal fundraising page. 

  • When I learned about Curamericas, I felt an instant connection. Growing up in South America I have seen a lot of poverty in my country. I've seen mothers and children living in such precarious conditions in areas with no running water or electricity and just a cardboard over their heads as a roof. As a mother now, I can't imagine living in such living conditions and facing all these difficulties every day. 

    Annie Kaiser Volunteer

  • Curamericas' approach to community-based health care is innovative and inspiring. The idea of helping a community become self-sustainable rather than just bringing in healthcare for a week or two and then leaving the community where it started, is something that I learned from Curamericas. I even worked with other students to start a Curamericas Club at my college because I so strongly support the work that they do.

    Andie Woodson Intern

  • The knowledge I have acquired regarding global health, women's health, child health and serving under-served populations has enhanced my current studies and will positively impact and contribute to my future global health career. I am inspired by their dedication to mitigate suffering, as well as their data driven results of improving health in under-served communities around the globe. 

    Tina Joy Craven Graduate School Volunteer

  • I was fortunate enough to go on a recent volunteer trip to Guatemala with Curamericas. It's one thing to make a monetary donation and see photos of what the money is doing, it's another to experience first hand what the money is doing. Curamericas is doing great work in some of the most isolated and desperate areas in the world. I am a firm believer in lifting up others and Curamericas Global is doing just that.

    Tricia Andrews Donor

  • "Curamericas has provided me with the opportunity to get involved globally and impact the lives of thousands."

    Andrew Zavaleta Outreach & Development Intern

  • “I have been involved with Curamericas since its beginning. There have been many challenges over the years, but Curamericas’ steadfast belief in its purpose and the devotion of the founders, staff, volunteers and donors have changed thousands of lives.”

    Sandra Hartfod Office Volunteer

  • “I really love the work Curamericas does because it is culturally sensitive and leaves planning and implementation to individuals who know the community best. I love how Curamericas empowers people in different countries to bring about sustainable change.”

    Mitchell Chen International Volunteer

  • “No matter how much I’d heard or read about poverty in the developing world before this trip, I was still not prepared for how it would impact me when seeing it in person. Understanding the reality of this situation has both motivated me to participate in international development further, and also reminded me to be grateful for the life I have had.”

    Eva Alderman International Volunteer

  • “The volunteer trips were life-changing for both me and my son! We got to see how other people live and got to witness the effects of primary healthcare. The volunteer experience builds compassion and understanding of others in the volunteers. I love this nonprofit!”

    Mary Cathryn Murray International & Office Volunteer

  • "I am currently volunteering at Curamericas Global, and it is the best volunteer experience I have ever had. I am a rising senior in high school and when I started at Curamericas I had only a vague idea of what I wanted to go to college for. As I learn more about their work and impact, I become more excited and passionate about public health. Everyday, I come here and feel like I am making a difference in the lives of mothers and children."

    Cassie Saroza Office Volunteer

  • “My classmates and I traveled to Calhuitz, Guatemala with Curamericas Global in 2011. It was truly a mind-opening experience that I will keep with me forever.”

    Valery Stern-Rand International Volunteer

  • “It’s a little organization with a big, big impact!”

    Britnae Purdy Communications & Development Intern

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