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Hope Through Health

2018 Mom-A-Thon

$75,000+ raised so far!

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Mom-a-thon is a virtual race to save the lives of moms and children in forgotten communities in countries like Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Kenya. Curamericas Global needs your help to consider contributing at various giving levels to support the goal of providing life-saving healthcare hundereds of thousands of people around the world and right here in the US.

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to save the life of a woman or child?

You can do so by sponsoring a healthcare center today.



Our mission hits home for Jaimie after her delivery.

Thanks to modern medicine, quick access to a hospital, and highly-trained medical personnel, Jaimie has a happy, healthy three-year-old son named Emerson.

She's lived through the fear and anguish of a complicated delivery, which is why she believes Curamericas work is so important.

"It's literally a matter of life and death. What they do can save a life." 

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