a race to save lives

Each year, we race to save lives through our mom-a-thon

Will you join us for our annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

5.9 million moms & children died last year due to lack of access to healthcare.
More than 6.6 million children die each year before reaching the age of five. Curamericas is helping to change this. As we expand to help women and children around the world, we invite you to connect with us to help us reach our goals.

Thank you for your support and all you do to help Curamericas carry out its global mission


Our values drive our approach.

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    We create lasting benefits through education and long-term partnerships with communities, local organizations and local leaders.
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    We prioritize those in greatest need and assert that everyone should have access to quality healthcare, leading Curamericas Global to work in remote, often forgotten places.
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    We are committed to the use of evidence-based practices to achieve maximum health benefits for impoverished people and to demonstrate that these benefits have been achieved.
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    We give a helping hand to those who are suffering and dying of readily preventable or treatable conditions.
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    We assist individuals, communities and local organizations to contribute to their community's health and wellbeing.
Curamericas Around The World
We partner with local communities to make a difference across the globe.

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    Sierra Leone
    On July 1, 2015 Curamericas Global began the Kuimei Project in Bo District, Sierra Leone to reduce maternal and child mortality rates in the region.
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    Since 2002, Curamericas Global has been working in partnership with Curamericas-Guatemala to reduce the rates of infant, child, and maternal mortality in the highlands of northwest Guatemala.
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    Since 2012, Curamericas Global has partnered with Carolina for Kibera (CFK) and Ronald McDonald House Charities to reduce child mortality from preventable diarrheal disease in the Kibera slum.
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    Curamericas Global first began in 1983 in Bolivia as Andean Rural Health Care, or Consejo de Salud Rural Andino (CSRA). 
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    In 2008, Curamericas Global was awarded a USAID Child Survival Grant to reduce the rates of infant, child, and maternal mortality in an isolated area of north-central Liberia called Nimba County.
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    With funding from the CDC, we established an HIV prevention project in Haiti, which is now operated through our partner, the Haitian Ministry of Health.
With Your Help
We've provided sustainable healthcare for 1.4 million moms and children around the world, including right here in the U.S.A.

We want to end preventable child & maternal deaths by 2035.
We're committed to this common goal with partner organizations like UNICEF & USAID.


Together, we can save lives.
We need you to take action.