Project Goals

This project aims to bridge the gap between health facilities and the community by providing health education and outreach and accomplishing the following: 

  • Increase the quality of antenatal care by 30% 
  • Increase the number of households with hand washing stations to 5,000 
  • Reduce diarrheal disease in children under age five by 20% 
  • Increase education on birth spacing by 30%

Impact of Your Donation

  • $25 provides life-saving health services like HIV testing and vaccines for children under 5 
  • $30 provides materials for data collection and registry  
  • $85 provides basic health toolkit 

Project Overview

Since 2012, Curamericas Global has partnered with Carolina for Kibera (CFK) and Ronald McDonald House Charities to reduce child mortality from preventable diarrheal disease in the Kibera slum. Kibera has some of the highest child mortality rates in the world, due in large part to preventable diarrheal disease.  Many childhood illnesses in Kibera are caused by a lack of access to hygiene and sanitation, and a lack of knowledge on prevention practices.  This project aims to reduce the incidence of diarrheal in children disease by 50% by improving knowledge of hygiene and sanitation and strengthening the health care system in Kibera. Through its partnership with CFK, Curamericas provides technical assistance and conducts trainings to increase the capacity of local staff to provide health outreach and services.

In 2015, Curamericas Global and our partners continued to make strides in improving the healthcare in Kibera. To increase the capabilities of local healthcare providers, 27 staff and volunteers were trained to use Care Groups. This lead to a staggering 2,252 household visits to pregnant women and families with children under age five. With the efforts of our Care Groups, 210 pregnant women were reached with vital health education and support. As a result of training, community engagement, education, and support, 90% of deliveries took place at a health facility with a skilled birth attendant. 

Curamericas Global’s Strategy

Curamericas Global provide training to mothers and child caretakers on hand washing, water treatment and storage, proper feces disposal, and the treatment of diarrheal disease through educational home visits and the use of Community Health Promoters. One hundred Community Health Promoters will serve 10,000 households providing them with basic first aid and hygiene education, and systematically monitoring the health of family members.

Project Area


Kibera is one of the most densely populated slums in the world. Located in Nairobi, Kenya, Kibera covers only 1 sq. mile and is home to between 200,000 to 1,000,000 people. In Kibera there is little access to sanitation, water, or electricity; most homes consist of mud walls and aluminum roofs, and violence is rampant.  There is no government health care available in the slums.

For more information about our work in Kenya, please contact us toll-free at (877)510-4787 or email our office at [email protected].

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