From Andrew Herrera – An Update on our Strategic Plan
Posted: November 22, 2022

In our strategic plan we have committed to digitizing data collection so that our front line partners have a simple way to implement our methodologies and quickly analyze data. Digital data collection will save time, improve quality and improve program decision making. I estimate we will save thousands of human hours (from duplicate data entry and cleaning) in a single year. Here is the Strategic Plan Goal:

Pilot the deployment of Software as a Service (SaaS) initiative, globally and domestically, with a feasibility study and subsidiary in place as well as 12 partner agencies actively using the software by FYE 2022.

Our public health expert Barbara Muffoletto is in Kenya right now with a team of leaders from our Board of Advisors and Directors and one of their projects is to pilot our proprietary software “Meaningful” on tablets with community health volunteers. I have included a few photos from this week’s work. You’ll see a member of our Board of Directors (and co-chair of the YPB) too, Stacie Arechavala. We have been developing and using meaningful domestically in NC since 2020 and we are committed to having a single tool for our international partners that includes the principles of our methodology which is community and mother centered. A key feature is the ability to work offline in the field where there is no internet or power.

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