JoAnn Heiser – Volunteer

JoAnn has been involved since 2020 supporting our administrative efforts to process donations. She works from home and ensures that gifts are accurately credited and accounted for.

JoAnn Heiser was born in Virginia and grew up outside of Philadelphia and is now a retiree from Wake County Public Schools. She has been happily married for 50 years with three children and seven grandchildren. JoAnn’s husband is her inspiration for helping others because he consistently pushes her outside of her comfort zone. She believes that Curamericas Global shares her desire to help others and admires the mission. Currently, JoAnn handles depositing checks and credit card contributions and updates the donor database. She provides support on the home front, enabling her husband to go on mission trips. JoAnn believes that Curamericas is essential because they are working to reduce maternal deaths and ensure safe childbirth for women. She is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their mission. Thank you, JoAnn, for your dedication to improving the lives of women and children around the world!

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