Saurabh P. Aneja, MEM

Saurabh Aneja is the Performance Engineering Manager at FTC Solar, a leading manufacturer of single-axis trackers and digital software solutions within the solar industry.  Saurabh’s dedication and work provide for clean energy growth across our country’s electrical grid, and further investment towards a green-economy. Prior to his time with FTC Solar, he spent time at Cypress Creek Renewables, and years working in the energy and educational-technology sectors.

Saurabh believes that many of the solutions for public health work reside near the intersection of healthcare and energy-access. As a proponent of the Community-Based, Impact-Oriented approach, Saurabh believes that Curamerica’s work and record provide a proven and meaningful model for impact. In pulling from his background within energy, education and technology, Saurabh looks forward to working with Curamericas to extend the tangible impacts for women and children all around the world.

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