Mark Jayne, MS

Mark Jayne is the lead data scientist for Orchard, a Series B startup in NYC that is transforming¬† how homes are bought and sold. In his role at Orchard, Mark developed an automated valuation model (AVM) for residential real estate — <3% median absolute error, 0% bias, 2x better than leading competitors and 30% better than human driven valuation. He achieved this by using computer vision algorithms to extract data from images.¬† He also designed and sold the concept to stakeholders, built the algorithm, and assisted in productionizing it to avoid technical debt.

Wow, that’s some serious technical talk. He is a smart guy and more! Mark is a passionate traveller, co-founding the “Travel Lovers Meet-up” in the Triangle and growing membership from zero to thousands! He is an avid photographer and is deeply committed to Curamericas Global’s mission. He has seen our work first hand in Guatemala and Kenya.

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