Mom-a-thon 2017
Posted: December 10, 2017

Our Mom-a-thon consists of 26 emails, one for each mile of the virtual race. Each day we’ll tell the real story of a mother from somewhere around the world. It’ll take 2-3 minutes to read and highlight the importance of access to modern healthcare around the world.

Here are the stories from the Mom-a-thon 2017

Mile 1: [Mom-a-thon] Mile 1

Mile 2: Meet Jaimie – Watch her video here

Mile 3: Meet Ana Rosa

Mile 4: Meet Angelina

Mile 5: Meet Ramona

Mile 6: Meet Annie

Mile 7: Meet Maria

Mile 8:  Meet Rosa

Mile 9: Meet Tricia

Mile 10: Meet Teresa

Mile 11: Meet Guadalupe

Mile 12: Meet Vanessa

Mile 13: Half-way there!

Mile 14: Meet Violet

Mile 15: Meet Gloria

Mile 16: Meet Juana

Mile 17: Meet Tina

Mile 18: Meet Hawa

Mile 19: Meet Margaret

Mile 20: Meet Maria

Mile 21: Meet Yasmin

Mile 22: Meet Maryanne

Mile 23: Meet Adelina

Mile 24: Meet Catalina

Mile 25: The woman in the Chair

Mile 26:  An opportunity

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