Interns Raise the Bar in Leading and Creating a Better Future Now
Posted: July 15, 2020

The future is not happening in a few years, months, weeks, or days. The future is happening now

A group of interns from the Enloe Medical BioScience Academy has been witnessing and contributing to the paramount impact that Curamericas Global has on the health and well-being of communities worldwide.

Abigail Kollu, Grace McCoy, Samantha Shue, Layla White, and Alyssa Wise are five young women who have embarked on a journey to help create a healthier future for vulnerable women and children, who are suffering and dying from preventable causes.

These tenacious individuals have joined forces to make a difference in the world, educate, empower, and encourage others while experiencing working in the medical field. From increasing awareness and raising money for Curamericas Global, they have exemplified what it means to lead with love, compassion, and understanding. 

Enloe’s curriculum is designed to nurture student’s interests in health-related careers and advise them on career options in the medical field. Therefore, for many years now, both organizations have partnered.

An internship with Curamericas Global is a unique, hands-on opportunity for young students to develop skills in their chosen areas of study, network with professionals in their career path, and champion Curamerica’s mission to save lives. 

Andrew Herrera, Curamericas Global Executive Director, graduated from Enloe in 2005. “It was a transformative experience,” he said. “My peers and my teachers pushed me to be who I am today.”

Since 2013, Andrew has been responsible for leading strategic initiatives, developing the Board of Directors, and managing the organization’s day-to-day operations. Learning from and building relationships with in-country partners, donors, supporters, volunteers, educational institutions, and interns has been a focal point for Andrew. And, in a significant part, what has contributed to the steady success of the organization.

Although internships with Curamericas Global are unpaid, they are a life-changing opportunity for credit toward a degree. If you or someone you know are interested, please submit applications or any questions to [email protected].

The kind of world that we want for tomorrow is a responsibility we all have today. 

Let’s be inspired by the vision, tenacity, and passion these young women exemplify. Let’s imitate them; let’s get involved by actively participating and supporting causes that help transform individuals, families, and communities.

Making a significant, positive impact on the world is possible. Abigail, Grace, Samantha, Alyssa, and Layla made that choice; it is now up to us to make ours and follow through. Let’s learn from and follow the young leaders. Let’s be the people that bring hope and healing to everyone, everywhere, always. Let’s live lives that matter. Let’s create a future that works for all, starting now. 

Learn more about Curamericas Global at Curamericas.org. Give now at Curamericas.org/donate.

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