From Andrew Herrera – 4 stars on Charity Navigator
Posted: November 23, 2022

For years we have had the top rating of PLATINUM from Guidestar.org.

As we begin to start our annual Mom-A-Thon annual fundraiser, we wanted to share a sneak preview of our new Charity Navigator Rating. As of November 1st, we are 4 stars out of 4 stars with a score of 91 out of 100 points.

Charity Navigator uses one approach to evaluate all non-profits, whether a small food pantry or a large hospital. While we agree with their approach to evaluation and transparency, our approach does not align with Charity Navigator. But today we are proud to share that we are getting their top rating 4 of 4 stars.

The key area Charity Navigator evaluates us low on is we do not GROW our program expenses. Growth of expenses can be seen as a growth of services. For example, a homeless shelter that increases their expenses could be hiring more staff to expand their services.

Our approach though is helping our in-country partners become financially self-sustainable, not dependent on us. For example, our partners in Bolivia have been 100% independent and self-sustaining for decades. Our partners in Guatemala are nearly there at over 90% of every dollar spent comes from sources NOT Curamericas Global. This is sustainability in action, but this was not fitting with Charity Navigator’s rating model.

Despite this different approach to growth and sustainability, we still achieved the highest possible rating of 4-stars due to our strong commitment to impact, transparency, governance and financial management.

Please be on the lookout for our 2021 Impact Report. This report is also attached for your immediate review and just as importantly provides you an easy opportunity to share with a friend about the incredible impact that Curamericas Global continues to make because of supporters like you.

Thank you for trusting us and investing in our work. By choosing Curamericas Global, you choose to make a powerful impact on the lives of moms and children around the world.



Andrew Herrera, MPH, MBA

Executive Director

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