Stacie Arechavala

Stacie has been involved in a substantial way since early 2020. As a member of our inaugural Young Professionals Board, then as co-chair in 2021 as well as an active member of the Strategic Planning Committee. Today she is an Innovation Fellow at Stanford and working in Artificial Intelligence in Health care.

From Stacie: My family is from Nicaragua — I grew up experiencing the healthcare gap between developed and developing countries firsthand. There are many stories, including some of my own, of the perils and/or consequences of low quality and/or limited access to healthcare that drive me toward wanting to help others by closing that gap. I’m passionate about nonprofit work because everyone deserves access to good healthcare and an equal opportunity to a healthy and full life.

I have always been drawn to maternal and neonatal/child health, but it became even more important to me when I traveled to Kampala and was able to experience the neonatal ward first hand. Curamericas Global’s mission is what intrigued me as it aligned well with my passions.

Partnering with the local community to provide women and children the healthcare they need to eliminate preventable deaths.

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