Brenda Booth, NP
Posted: March 9, 2023

Brenda Booth has dedicated her career to improvements in health care delivery in her local community as a nurse practitioner with Highland Family Practice in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Brenda now extends her leadership and commitment to improving community health as the Board Chair for Hope through Health. Brenda’s first experience with Curamericas, originally known as Andean Rural Health Care, was through a visit to a former project site in Montero, Bolivia in 1996. This experience in the field sparked her enthusiasm and passion for global health as she witnessed the impact that Curamericas was making in impoverished communities.

In subsequent years, Brenda traveled to Montero several times and became more interested in the unique approach to global health which Curamericas utilizes in partnerships with local communities. In 2010, Brenda and husband Rick joined a group traveling to visit the Curamericas Nehnwaa Child Survival Project in Nimba County, Liberia. Brenda’s experience in Africa deepened her commitment to working with the community as a means to health improvement and she joined the Curamericas Board of Directors later that year.

Brenda and Rick have four sons and seven grandchildren with whom they enjoying spending as much time as possible. They love to travel and have visited many countries, both as volunteers and for personal enjoyment. In addition to her work as a nurse practitioner, she is involved in many church and community activities. Brenda is on the Missions Committee of Haymount Methodist Church, which has lent support to various Curamericas projects. She has also served on the board of The CARE Clinic, a free health clinic in Fayetteville.

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