Latest Curamericas Updates:
A few months ago, we received an email out of the blue inviting us to submit a grant proposal to the East Bay Jewish Teen Foundation (EBJTF) and we all wondered who are these generous people who want to support Curamericas Global? More...
We would like to send a giant thank you to the students of Apex High School, who recently held a medical supply drive that collected over $2,000 worth of supplies for Curamericas Global! More...
Hearing about this magical cure, more than one hundred people, some of whom were suspected to have Ebola, gathered in Ganta on September 12, 2014 to drink boiled herbs prepared by Nathan... More...
Curamericas Global has successfully used positive deviance to reduce malnutrition rates in our project communities in Guatemala. More...
Thank you for joining us on World Health Day on April 7! With your support we raised $5,140 to support our lifesaving health work around the world! More...
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