Hunar Singh

Hunar is currently a second year student at the University of British Columbia majoring in psychology. Psychology has perpetually been a huge part of her life, as she has always had a real interest in human behaviour and mental processes- how we think and we act. She grew up in Singapore but is Indian by ethnicity, where there is a lack of support for maternal and child care. She believes that mothers are the foundation of society as they are vital for the healthy development of children, and without proper care of women, there are detrimental impacts on the wellbeing of society. Hunar wants to give back to the community and contribute towards a positive impact in a meaningful way. She found Curamericas through Linkedin and was keen to join immediately, as its core values align completely with her own, and its efforts to improve the access to healthcare and education as well as empower women and children is what she truly wants to participate in. She is passionate about pursuing an opportunity in an organization which reflects her own values and helps underserved communities end preventable suffering, and is looking forward to contributing to its data-driven approach, either directly or indirectly, in aiding these pressing challenges.

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