PAHO Conference 2017
Posted: June 23, 2017

We are very honored to announce that Curamericas’ Project Directors, Dr. Mario Valdez of Curamericas Guatemala and Dr. Ramiro Llanque of the Andean Rural Health Care, were two of the seven participants invited to attend the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) Community Health Experts Conference in Washington, DC, June 14-16. Dr. Valdez and Dr. Llanque from Curamericas’ first project in Bolivia, have dedicated their lives to improving the health of marginalized populations who lack access to basic health services, and we are proud to see their work and expertise recognized. Other attendees were from different countries across the Americas,including Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico.

The objective of the PAHO conference was to bring together community health experts to discuss how community health practices can be used to better respond to the specific health challenges facing communities today. The representatives presented their recent achievements in implementing effective models of community-based primary health care and discussed innovative strategies and approaches. They also put together a set of recommendations based on their discussion, which will be used to update PAHO’s overall vision and approach to community health.

This conference is part of an important ongoing process in which PAHO is discovering and helping to disseminate best practices for community-based health. Updating PAHO’s knowledge of best practices is also an important step towards the long-term goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Lastly, the conference helps participants connect and exchange ideas in order to continue growing their knowledge base and working together to save lives across the globe.  This participation will open doors to partnerships and avenues to disseminate our work and testifies to Curamericas Global’s strategy of empowering local organizations to improve the health of their communities.


Article written by Emmy Burroughs, Outreach and Development Intern

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