Meet Our Spring 2018 Interns!
Posted: January 25, 2018

Here at Curamericas our interns help us to improve the health and livelihood of mothers and infants throughout the world.  Curamericas works with interns from all across North Carolina to further their own professional goals and gain valuable workplace experience while working to better serve those who are deserving of higher qualities of life. This spring sees a new batch of interns who showcase the kind of passion and drive that we like to see! With that in mind, we are excited to announce our newest interns who will be joining us this spring:


Rebecca Rushing

We are excited to bring Rebecca Rushing on board as an Administrative Intern at Curamericas Global. Rebecca is currently studying International Studies with a concentration in Global Relations at North Carolina State University. It is Rebecca’s career goal to serve those in need internationally and to eventually work within a non-profit organization.  She is a firm believer that any aid given to communities in need should follow the community-based approach, which is Curamericas Global’s primary approach. Rebecca states that this approach is needed to be respectful of the people being served and to create sustainable programs. She also aspires to teach English as a second language in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and South America.


Alex Johnson

We are also welcoming our newest Events and Outreach Intern, Alex Johnson! Alex is currently attending North Carolina State University to obtain his masters in International Studies. It is Alex’s goal to take his degree and work in the Latin American development as either a consultant or as a Research/Policy Analyst. At the end of the day it is about making a positive difference in the world, for Alex. By working at Curamericas Global, Alex says, he will be able to receive hands-on experience in the development field, which is a crucial for developing his career goals.



Bianca MacMullen

Bianca MacMullen will be joining our team of interns as a Marketing and Development Intern here at Curamericas Global! Bianca is from Stuttgart, Germany and is currently studying International Studies and North Carolina State University. Her passion for helping women and children around the world through sustainable development is what brought her to work with Curamericas Global. It is her goal to work with a maternal health organization in either Latin America or South Asia. Specifically, she hopes to work with an organization through Public Relations or as a Research/Policy Analyst.



                                       Carmen Buckner

Cameron Buckner will be joining us as one of our new Program Interns. Cameron lived with her grandparents in Guatemala while studying there throughout middle school and high school. She then pursued a degree in anthropology from UC Berkley. Here at Curamericas Cameron is working on determining how data is analyzed and how we can make data analysis more beneficial for on-sight workers in our various project sites throughout the world. Cameron’s future plans include becoming a managing consultant before pursuing a PhD in medical anthropology and archaeology of the South Pacific.



Lauren Pavone

We are pleased to announce that Lauren Pavone will be joining us as a Program Intern as well. Lauren recently graduated from Eastern Carolina University with a degree in Public Health which she hopes to put to good use here at Curamericas! Lauren joined the Curamericas staff so that she can professional experience in the public health field before she goes on to pursue her graduate degree which will be an MBA with a concentration in health administration.



Kendall Harkey

Kendall joins our team as a Program Intern as well. Kendall is currently studying International Studies at North Carolina State University. Kendall is eager to take what she has learned about sustainable development interventions in school and apply it to her work here at Curamericas. Kendall is working on a landscape analysis project with us that will determine best practices of exclusive breast feeding for the first 6 months of an infant’s life in our Guatemalan project sites. Kendall plans to take her experience with Curamericas to a graduate program in public health where she would like to explore the intersection of climate change, sustainable development, and conservation.

Taylor Durham

Taylor joins the Curamericas team as one of our Program Interns. Taylor is a Communications major at North Carolina State University and will be graduating this May with her Bachelor’s Degree. Taylor’s work involves integrating local college campuses with our mission. Taylor is interested in a career path that will put her skills with working with children to good use. Her interest in non-profit leadership has led her to Curamericas where she hopes travel with us on one of our project trips in the near future.


Alyssa Peavey

Curamericas is happy to announce that Alyssa will be joining us as our Guatemala Program Support Intern. Alyssa has two separate Master’s Degrees. One in International Studies which she received from the University of Florida, and a second that she received in Sociology from UNC Chapel Hill in 2017. Alyssa has applied this experience to working with Latino immigrants in the United States and hopes to expand that knowledge base into our Guatemalan project work where she will be working on grant-writing, operations research, and on-sight analysis and program operations.


Rob Callus

Rob joins the team as our African Program Support Intern. Rob received a dual degree in Pre-health programs and theology from Notre Dame before spending two years in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda working on HIV prevention and counseling programs. Rob was drawn to Curamericas because of its melding of public health and social work. Rob hopes that his time here with us will allow him to gain more experience in community health and research. Rob will be working on analyzing and reporting on our research and data that has been collected from our project sites in Kibera, Kenya.



Lindsey Kornelis

Lindsey joins the team as our Campus Integration Intern. Lindsey is a current undergraduate student at North Carolina State University where she is pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Non-Profit Management. Lindsey works to spread the news about Curamericas’ events at Meredith College and North Carolina State University. She is considering founding a Curamericas Global Club on NC States’ campus in the near future!

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