Grad Student Joins Curamericas Global as Events and Outreach Intern
Posted: March 12, 2018

Alexander Johnson has joined the ranks of Curamericas Global as their newest Events and Outreach intern. The Raleigh-based organization partners with underserved and impoverished communities around the world to provide women and children with life-saving health services.

In his role as the Events and Outreach intern Johnson’s responsibilities will include planning and developing local events and growing the Curamericas supporter base. He hopes that his time working with Curamericas will not only further his career goals but also help cultivate positive change in the world.

In a recent Facebook Post for the organization, Johnson shared his reasoning for working with Curamericas.

“I’ve lived a privileged life. I’ve been able to go to school my entire life, and have food on the table. I’ve also always had the right medicine at the right time. As I grew up I realized that I felt the need to dedicate myself to helping others who didn’t have all the opportunities that I had. I needed to ensure that what I was doing was going to directly benefit people. That’s why I chose to work with Curamericas. Everything I had read told me that this was an organization making waves in global health and development, and that was something that I had to be a part of.”

Johnson is currently a student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, where he is working toward obtaining a master’s degree in International Studies. He hopes to pursue a career in Latin American development as a consultant or research and policy analyst.



Curamericas Global, a nonprofit organization based in Raleigh, seeks to partner with underserved communities around the world to make measurable and sustainable improvements in their health and wellbeing. Through data-driven methods and community-centered solutions, Curamericas aims to see a world free of suffering from treatable and preventable causes. For more information, visit



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