Intern-ductions: Introducing the Fall 2019 Interns
Posted: September 16, 2019

Nicholas Toombs (Intern, Fall 2019)

Nick Toombs is currently a junior at UNC Chapel Hill, where he is majoring in Economics.  He comes from a very small, close knit family.  His heart to serve people living in terrible conditions around the world fueled his desire for nonprofit work.  During his time in community college, he started a club which helped students and citizens in the community increase their financial literacy skills.  He has also been involved in various clean up and community garden projects in Rochester, NY.  He was drawn to Curamericas Global because of the organization’s ability to make an immediate and long-lasting impact on the most vulnerable populations around the world.  He will act as the Business Development Intern while at Curamericas Global.  He hopes to travel abroad with a Curamericas team, and assist in the life-changing work of Curamericas Global.

Garrett Farringer (Intern, Fall 2019)

Garrett Farringer, 28, is currently a graduate student at George Washington University where he is pursuing a master’s degree in public health.  He has always had a strong desire to help people.  Garrett’s work in primary care offices exposed him to the inequities in health care.  His desire is to impact children by improving their health by providing access to modern medicine.  The programs at GWU pushed him towards a career that combats maternal and child mortality in vulnerable communities around the world.  Because of this, he pursued an internship with Curamericas Global.  He is the Operations and Digital Intern for the organization, and hopes to assist in Curamericas Global’s mission to educate and improve the health of mothers and children around the world.

Holly Pittman (Intern, Fall 2019)

Holly Pittman, 21, is currently a senior at Meredith College in Raleigh, NC where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with minors in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Human Resources.  She is the oldest of three children, and her family drives her desire to be involved with nonprofit organizations.  She credits her passion for nonprofit work to her involvement with the Wounded Warriors Project and SPCA of Person County.  She was drawn to Curamericas Global because of their dedication to empowering women through providing them access to healthcare.  Her time at an all-women’s college has led her to believe that empowering women is a crucial aspect for a society to thrive. Holly currently serves as the Data Analytics Intern at Curamericas Global.  She will be responsible for interpreting trends in data sets and appropriately communicating this information with supporters.


Annamaria Sirugo (Intern, Fall 2019)

Annamaria Sirugo, 29, is currently a a student in graduate school in the Maternal Child Health MPH program at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She is the oldest of six children in her family.  She previously worked for four years in an education nonprofit that helped to improve literacy and graduation rates in Title I schools.  Her experience here, and her participation in volunteer work at a young age, fueled her desire to participate in nonprofit work.  She was drawn to Curamericas Global because “their work focuses on maternal health and specifically reducing maternal mortality rates.”  Within the organization she serves as the Curriculum intern, and supports the Care Group curriculum development team.  The lessons she helps develop equip women to best care for their health and the health of their children.

Daniel Mann (Intern, Fall 2019)

Daniel Mann, 22, is currently a senior at UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in Political Science and Economics and a minor in Religious Studies.  From Houston, Texas, Daniel comes from a large family and has an identical twin brother who attends the University of Texas.  Currently, Daniel serves as the Operations Intern at Curamericas Global.  In addition, he’s involved in multiple organizations including Camp Kesem and Refugee Community Partnership.  This past summer, Daniel worked for the US Treasury Department, where he incorporated his ambition for economics with his focus on global relations within the International Affairs division.  He hopes to attend law school and concentrate in International and Comparative Law, as well as Human Rights Law.  His passion for non-profit work manifests itself from working with non-profit groups through high school in inner-city Houston.  This work focused on the education of under served children.  During his time at UNC, Daniel has been involved in political science research, which as translated to performing data analysis and observation in an applicable setting like Curamericas with their data-driven approach.  In the future, Daniel aims to incorporate his knowledge in the legal realm of international governments with his practical experience working for NGOs in hopes of bringing sustainable social and economic improvements to developing countries.

Briana Winham (Intern, Fall 2019)

Briana Winham, 20, is currently in school at UNC Chapel Hill and will graduate in May 2020 with a double major in Public Policy and History.  She plans to go to law school in the future.  Briana comes from an extremely close-knit family in Rocky Mount, NC.  Her mom is a health care professional, who deals with quality and performance improvement at UNC Nash Health Care.  Her dad is a retired public school teacher who now enjoys coaching cross country and swimming.  In addition, she has younger brother who is currently a high school freshman at Rocky Mount Academy.  Along with being a college student and intern at Curamericas Global, Briana also teaches swim lessons at the Harrison Family YMCA to people of all ages.  Her passion for nonprofit work stems from her time as an intern with the North Carolina General Assembly and Batts, Batts, and Bell Law Office.  Briana learned that people often turn to the government for help to meet their smallest needs; however, the representatives are one piece in a much larger puzzle, and this restricts their ability to enact change.  She witnessed their voices, and the voices of the most vulnerable become lost in politics.  These experiences helped her understand that people often need nonprofits and mission-based organizations to meet their physical needs before the law attempts to fix larger problems.  She serves as the Business Development intern within Curamericas Global.

Krista Odom (Intern, Fall 2019)

Krista Odom, 31, is currently a graduate student at the Duke Global Health Institute.  She studies global mental health and her research focuses on provider care competency and attitudes towards mental health and people living with mental illnesses.  Krista is a middle child with two brothers.  Krista recently got married and her husband continues to live in Ethiopia.  She is looking forward to when he can join her in the US.  Her passion for nonprofit work began during undergrad.  She realized immediately that she wanted to be a clinical psychologist and have her own practice.  Having studied abroad in the Middle East, she found a passion for working with under-served communities.  She still wants to purse a career as a clinical psychologist, but her scope has changed from individuals to communities in low and middle income countries.  Her past volunteer work includes being a member of the Peace Corps in Ethiopia.  She served as a health volunteer working in a village health center and with NGOs in large cities on regional level health projects.  She also worked in the United States at Face to Face, an HIV testing, education, and outreach NGO focusing on mean who have sex with men in Sonoma County.  Her at Curamericas Global, Krista uses her talents to focus on grant writing for the organization.


Rebecca Pallant (Intern, Fall 2019)

Rebecca Pallant, 22, is an undergraduate senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she major in Global Studies and double minors in Medical Anthropology and Social and Economic Justice.  Rebecca’s global travels started at a young age.  Born in London, Rebecca lived there for 10 years before moving to São Paulo, Brazil, where she became fluent in Brazilian Portuguese.  Years later, her family moved to New York where she finished out her high school career.  Within Curamericas Global, Rebecca serves as the Events and Outreach  Intern, the perfect liaison between global health and the nonprofit sector.  Rebecca credits her passion for nonprofit work and her desire to help other to her exposure to the struggles people face due to inadequate resources and education.  Throughout her internship, Rebecca hopes to have a great impact on the organization by organizing fundraisers and events.

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