From Andrew Herrera: Update from Haiti
Posted: November 23, 2022


I wanted you to hear something that I was told recently.

This recent quote is an example of how our methodology is effective. Here is some background first.

Right now our partners in Haiti are experiencing extremely tough times (another source) as fuel prices have recently gone up so much that much of the country is protesting. With blocked roads, threats of violence from gangs, and general political unrest often humanitarian and development work is delayed, hampered and put on paused. But, according to our partners in Haiti, the Curamericas Global supported community-health project (MASTAS – Creole acronym for Healthy Moms, Healthy Children) continues without delay.

Because the work is based in the community and led by community members, they can continue life-saving work when much of the rest of the country shuts down.

– A quote from Executive Director of our partner HOM, Caroline Chambre Hammock

Link here to find recent highlights from the work in Haiti.

Thank you for choosing to work with Curamericas Global. Your trust and generosity is powerful!

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