Curamericas Global works with people in their homes to provide education on topics like nutrition. For instance, in our Guatemala project two community nurses worked with a family to teach proper nutrition for their sick baby. As a result, the baby went from weighing only four pounds at two months of age to a healthy weight by the time she was seven months old.

Volunteer FAQs

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can be a volunteer!  The projects you can support are varied and the needs are great.  From construction, education, and health to computer training and data entry, you can work at our headquarters or with our partners abroad to make a difference in our projects around the globe.

Are there any language requirements to volunteer abroad?

No.  Spanish language is ONLY required for individual volunteers who are not part of a group or who are participating in long-term expeditions.  The national language in Liberia is English.  Sufficient interpreters will be provided for volunteers to Guatemala (Spanish, Chuj, Akateko), when the trip option is available, Haiti (French, Haitian Creole, Spanish).  The more language skills you have, the deeper your interactions with our partners and beneficiaries and your experience can be more fulfilling.  Start studying!

Do I have to be a doctor to volunteer abroad?

No.  Students, retirees, administrators, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, financial professionals and all other types of professionals have volunteered with Curamericas Global. 

Health professionals are always welcome and can provide direct services along with educational trainings for our partners.  Health education is our number one contribution from volunteers because knowledge leaves a long-lasting impact. 

No matter your profession or experience, you can provide valuable support.  Each volunteer will be matched to a project based on their skills and desires as they match with the needs of our partners, to create a mutually-beneficial and high-impact experience.

Why pay to volunteer?

Program Fees cover many essential expenses that are necessary for safe, effective, and sustainable international volunteer work.  Curamericas Global is committed to implementing best-practices for International Volunteering and to working hard to minimize costs for volunteers. There are no administrative costs!

What do my Program Fees cover?

Volunteers pay a flat-rate fee which covers all in-country travel costs including meals, lodging, transportation, and activities, plus interpretation services and accompaniment by a Curamericas facilitator (if requested).  Teams are also requested to contribute a donation which goes directly to our partner to help cover the cost of hosting volunteers and to provide further support to the project.  Our partners rely heavily on these contributions to meet the needs of our projects.

Your Program Fees include:

  1. All in-country transportation, including airport pickup and drop-off, transportation to the project site and transportation to and from various cultural activities
  2. All lodging and related expenses while in-country
  3. Three meals per day plus water and snacks each day
  4. Cultural and sightseeing activities
  5. Project Donation (covers costs related to volunteer service activities, such as construction materials, supplies for the health clinic and/or school, prescription costs for patients, etc.)
  6. Miscellaneous Costs
    1. Airport tax
    2. All tips and gratuity
    3. Cell phone use while in country
    4. Medical Travel and Evacuation Insurance
    5. Curamericas Global T-shirt
    6. Visa costs


Please note: The Program Fees do not cover airfare.  Please do not book any airline tickets until you have confirmation from Trip Leader and/or Volunteer Coordinator.  The fees also do not include expenses related to vaccinations (as required for each trip).

Are my payments tax-deductible?

Yes, Curamericas Global is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are deductible to the full extent under IRS regulations.  Please contact your tax advisor with any questions.

Can you help me to fundraise for my trip?

Yes.  Fundraising is an important part of your international volunteer experience by sharing the passion you have with friends and family who can help you raise the funds necessary for your trip.  Contact Andrew Herrera for more information on how to fundraise for your trip,

How can I stay safe and healthy?

Safety is always the number one priority for all Curamericas Global volunteers and staff members.  Curamericas Global has a comprehensive Risk Management Plan that focuses on prevention and preparedness to a variety of safety topics.  Dangers related to health, crime, civil unrest, or natural disasters are the main concerns for international volunteers, especially in the remote areas where we work.  With that in mind, all necessary steps are taken to prevent illness and avoid these dangers to the best of our ability.  Curamericas Global works closely with our in-country partners to ensure appropriate communication for evacuation plans and response to safety concerns before, during, and after volunteer trips.

We understand concerns for safety and expect each volunteer and their loved ones to have questions and concerns about their safety.  Please contact our office for specific questions about safety abroad with Curamericas Global.  Toll-free 1-877-510-4787, ext. 223.

Can I talk to someone who has previously volunteered abroad?

A list of references is available on request.  Please contact Andrew Herrera for contact information of volunteers who have traveled to the country you are interested in,

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